LMC/BMC 34X-550HP Delivers Extended Power Range

The new LMC/BMC 34X 550HP gearbox for compressors boasts new gear material, new bearings and a new lube oil pump. Users enjoy the same great Sundyne advantages of centrifugal compression (oil-free, no pulsation/vibration, high efficiency, reliability) with the smallest footprint available in the market. The power capability has been increased by 40% – up to 550HP (410kW) on a single stage configuration. The footprint remains the same for easy field conversion, making the re-rated gearbox an ideal solution for applications like Polyethylene/Polypropylene and Mole Sieve Regeneration.


SAFE, Reliable Operation

For over 50 years, Sundyne vertical Line-Mounted and horizontal Base-Mounted (LMC/BMC) integrally gear-driven centrifugal compressors have set the industry standard for high-head, low-flow fluid handling technology. Check out the long list of benefits you'll discover with this re-rated gearbox:

    > Short delivery time

    > Now with AGMA-13, Grade-3 gearing

    > Low installation costs

    > Low OPEX (minimum power consumption, low maintenance cost)

    > New parts and steel alloys for long-lasting, reliable performance

    > Fast, easy field conversion

    > Simplicity with minimal controls

    > Finally, a gearbox to fit between LOW and MEDIUM duty horsepower



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A Robust Gearbox With 550HP Capability Within Two Feet!

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