Our Horsepower Range

Sundyne has engineered a family of gearboxes that deliver the one most important benefit you look for. That's RELIABILITY REALIZED.


The predominant feature that differentiates each Sundyne gearbox is primarily horsepower and suction pressure. With variable capabilities, these work horses can be customized to accommodate your most rigorous application, while protecting your most valuable asset – your process.


50hp – up to 450psi (32kg/cm²) 125hp – up to 1,000psi (71kg/cm²) NEW 275hp – up to 1,000psi (71kg/cm²) 550hp – up to 1,400psig (100 barg)





Sundyne engineers continue to deliver easy-to-implement performance improvement upgrades as a result of listening to each plant operator, process licensor, architectural / engineering firm and channel partner to constantly improve and solve your equipment reliability, performance and efficiency problem. Our goal is to make sure you have a trouble-free experience with your rotating equipment.


The full line of legacy gearboxes offer the user a broad array of choices for a myriad of applications and have delivered a number of performance upgrades over the years. The 275hp gearbox is the latest offering from Sundyne. 


To purchase, upgrade or exchange a gearbox, locate and contact your local channel partner on www.sundyne.com.


To learn how to improve or upgrade your gearbox click on the links below:



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