Sundyne Non-metallic Sealless -- THE Ideal Solution.

Sundyne ETFE-lined sealless pumps are the ideal solution for complex chemical process and chemical transfer applications. Our pumps have been tackling the toughest, solids-laden, corrosive and caustic applications for over 20 years with a level of reliability that is unmatched by mechanically sealed or competitive sealless pumps. With Ansimag there are no un-necessary seals or Silicon Carbide parts that trap solids and lead to premature leakage or failure.


Got Solids?

No problem ­- Sundyne Ansimag pumps can handle liquids with up to 40%, 1/8 inch diameter, solids concentration. To read about our most recent solids pumping success, click on the stories below. Then, bring us YOUR toughest application, today!


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Ideal For Chemical Transfer Applications


Reliable Solids Handling  Reliable Solids Handling  Reliable Solids Handling 

Sundyne has patented a multi-grooved shaft for enhanced solids handling capability.

ANSI Proof Of Concept


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