The ANSIMAG Advantage


By rigidly supporting the stationary pump shaft at the pump suction and rear containment shell, ANSIMAG keeps your equipment up and running by providing a fully supported platform for the rotating impeller assembly, preventing any radial deflection when operating at low flow (or off BEP) conditions.

By preventing any radial impeller deflection, ANSIMAG increases the allowable operating range and RELIABILITY of the pump over cantilevered or overhung impeller designs.



By using axial thrust washers, ANSIMAG increases the allowable operating range over "thrust balanced" methods.

Unlike competitive designs, ANSIMAG axial thrust balancing design provides a positive thrust surface that is unaffected by cavitation, solids or transient suction conditions and effective over the complete operating range of the unit for increased pump RELIABILITY.


ANSIMAG patented inner drive encapsulation process hermetically seals the inner magnets, isolating them from process fluid, maintaining the integrity and strength of the magnets over the lifetime of the unit.

Homogenous primary boundary layer of CFR-ETFE hermetically seals the magnets. Unlike competitive designs, the chance for permeation is removed by eliminating any post injection molding machining or plastic welding. A secondary stainless steel layer is provided for increased durability.


ANSIMAG pumps feature a single piece closed impeller that is separate from the inner magnet drive.  The impeller is attached to the inner magnet drive with ANSIMAG patented tongue and groove system.  Unlike competitive designs, the single piece replaceable impeller enables a cost effective approach to both warehouse spares management and ease of re-rating operation conditions for the unit.



ANSIMAG pumps are as energy efficient as mechanically sealed pumps.  The non-metallic CFR-EFTFE lined containment shell generates no hysteresis losses during operation. No hysteresis loss means no heat generation and no power loss.  With a burst pressure of 6X MAWP of the pump, the Kevlar® fiber reinforced vinyl ester shell provides ANSIMAG pumps with industry leading RELIABILITY.


ANSIMAG pumps can be quickly and easily serviced in the field.  Unlike the competition, ANSIMAG pumps consist of only 9 wetted parts.  Routine maintenance or repairs can be performed in the field with no special training or tools.

ANSIMAG Competitor