A few facts about sealless magnetic drive pumps


What is a sealless pump, exactly? What differentiates them from traditional sealed pumps? We've put together this informative resource to help you understand these advanced fluid handling technologies...

A sealless pump is essentially a conventional centrifugal pump without packed glands or mechanical seals. The dynamic seal that would normally be used to seal the impeller shaft is instead replaced by a static containment shell -- or shroud -- to form a completely sealed liquid end or pressure boundary.

Prime mover energy is transmitted to the sealed liquid end by a bank of external magnets, which pass force through the containment shell to the impeller shaft.

Mechanical seals are designed to maintain their sealing capability by leaking small amounts of fluid as a means to keep the seal faces lubricated. This leakage then reaches the environment as either a liquid or vapor via a process referred to as fugitive emission. This represents the primary operational advantage of sealless pumps over sealed designs: sealless pumps dont leak, meaning that they can help reduce process inefficiencies, maximize output and minimize the risks posed to your process environment by hazardous and volatile materials.

Furthermore, seals, like bearings, must wear. As they wear, the seal faces lose their effectiveness and liquid loss through the seal increases. These fugitive emissions can get costly, resulting in lost time and money, as well as decreased worksite safety.


Without these seals -- which will ultimately fail, requiring expensive maintenance -- our Sundyne HMD Kontro sealless magnetic drive pumps represent a cost-effective and highly reliable alternative to traditional sealed pump designs.


Environmental controls, occupational safety and product liability are now of paramount important to process plant operators. To this end, most companies will probably have a seal maintenance or support program in place to decrease their continuous leak problems. This involves large amounts of time and expense, as well as an extensive spares inventory. However, the most significant cost associated with the use of traditional sealed pumps is the downtime required when it comes time to replace failed seals.


By eliminating leakage and removing unreliable seals from the design, Sundyne HMD Kontro sealless magnetic drive pumps provide immediate cost, safety and reliability advantages over traditional sealed designs.