ANSIMAG Features and Benefits

ANSIMAG pumps provide a wide range of features that are needed to handle harsh chemicals required for chemical manufacturing & downstream refining applications.  Each pump in the product family meets and exceeds all ASME/ANSI B73.3 and ISO 2858 chemical process pump standards.

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Magnetic Drive: this patented technology hermetically seals the inner magnets, isolating them from process fluid, which maintains magnet integrity for the life of the unit.

Close Coupled Design: leverages off-the-shelf NEMA C Face or IEC-B5 Flange motors, and still provides a small footprint, quiet operation and low maintenance.  

Corrosion Protection: Powder Coat exterior is more durable and chemically resistant than Epoxy based paints.

Easy Service:  ANSIMAG Back Pull Out design enables the Drive End to be serviced without breaking into the Wet End.

Sealless Containment:  Lined Kevlar Fiber/Epoxy construction provides unsurpassed pressure handling capability.

Radial Thrust:  All ANSIMAG pumps feature a fully-supported shaft to eliminate radial shaft deflection at low flow operating conditions.

Zero Leakage:  A single, fully-contained O-ring eliminates possible leakage.

Chemically Resistant Lining:  Carbon Fiber reinforced ETFE is resistant to most chemicals.

Durable Construction: Ductile iron exterior is designed for heavy-duty chemical applications.

Axial Thrust Washers: increase the allowable operating range over thrust balanced methods. This increases the pump’s reliability through a positive thrust surface that is unaffected by cavitation, solids or transient suction conditions.

Simple Sealless Design: Consisting of only 9 wetted parts, ANSIMAG pumps can be quickly and easily repaired in the field.  Routine maintenance or repairs can be performed without the need for special tools or training.

Replaceable Impeller:  a single-piece replaceable impeller is attached to the inner magnet drive via ANSIMAG’s patented tongue & groove system.  The separation provides a cost effective approach to warehouse spare parts management and re-rating operations.

Run-for-Life Bushing:  Silicon Carbide bushings provide near maintenance-free operation for the life of the pump.

Fully-Encapsulated Inner Drive: provides unsurpassed resistance to chemical attack.