The LF-2X80 centrifugal compressor is for flows up to 6000 ACFM (10,200 AM3/hr) with maximum working pressures to 1440 psi (100 Bara).

The Sundyne LF-2X80 integrally geared multi-stage centrifugal process compressor utilizes our LF-2000 technology and experience to extend the LMC/BMC product line enabling greater flow, head, and horsepower capability.

-Flows to 6000 ACFM (10,200 AM³/hr)
-Max working pressure to 1440 psi (100 Bara)

The Sundyne LF-2X80 integrally geared multi-stage centrifugal compressor leverages our acclaimed LF-2000 technology and decades of expertise to extend the operational range of the LMC / BMC product line, enabling greater flow, head and horsepower capability. Immensely flexible, the LF-2X80 is available in both one- and two-stage configurations and can be easily packaged onto a skid to allow for optimized footprint and ease of installation. Additionally, the LF-2X80 can run continuously for 5 years -- due to its compliance with strict API 617 / 614 standards -- delivering oil-free process gas with no emissions day in and day out. With the full backing of our global network of Sundyne Authorized Service Centers, the LF-2X80 is available to order now as a full gas compression solution for use in refining, petrochemical, LNG, power and mining applications.

Performance Envelope


Maximum Flow   6,000 acfm 10,200 am³/hr
Maximum Speed  32,000 rpm-60Hz
Maximum Working Pressure  1,440 psi 100 bara
Temperature Range  -200 to 500°F -130 to 260°C
Maximum Motor Size  900 hp 670 kW
Hydro Test Pressure  1.5 times max working pressure
Min Casing Thickness  1 in 25.4 mm
Corrosion Allowance  0.125 in 3.18 mm
Impeller Clearance  0.03 to 0.05in .76 to 1.27mm
Shaft Diameter at Bearings  1.5 - 2.0 in. (38.1 - 50.8mm)
Mechanical Seal Sizes-Outboard... 2.3 in 58.4 mm
Mechanical Seal Sizes-Inboard  2.3 in 58.4 mm
Mounting  Horizontal
Flanges  300, 600# ANSI RF standard
Suction Flange  4 - 10 in
Discharge Flange  3 - 10 in
Minimum Gearbox Starting Temp  32 degrees F (0 degrees C) with approved synthetic oil
Gearbox Lubricant  ISO VG-32 General Purpose Oil
Gearbox Sump Capacity  100 Gal
Gearbox Lube System  Pressurized
Gears  Hardened and Precision Ground Helical
Output Bearings  Deflection Pad
Coupling  Spacer Type Disc Coupling
Materials of Construction  Gearbox Housing: Carbon Steel
High Speed Shaft with Integral Pinion: AMS 6260, 6265
Input Shaft: AISI 4340
Gears: Bull Gear - Nitrided Steel
Gears: Pinion - Carburized Steel
Low Speed Bearings: Radial Journal / Tapered Land Thrust
High Speed Bearings: Deflection Pad Journal
High Speed Bearings: Thrust - Tapered Land, Tilt-Pad, Hydrostatic
Gear Quality AGMA 2015-A4 (AGMA Class 13)
Shaft Drive Lube Pump 3 Screw Positive Displacement
Process Seals Cartridge-Single, Double, Tandem, Tandem with intermediate labyrinth
Input Seal Bearing isolator type
Input Bearings Journal

Integrally Geared Centrifugal, Multi Stage Compressors
Sundyne Corporation multi-stage centrifugal compressors deliver the same performance range as traditional piston-driven design, but they generate several operational efficiencies that set them apart as a superior alternative.

Sundyne Standard
In the 1960s, Sundyne (then Sundstrand Fluid Handling) emerged as the leading expert for integrally geared centrifugal compressors.

  • Reliable Centrifugal Compressors for Power Generation Fuel Gas Boost
  • Petrochemical
  • Gas Processing
  • Specialty Gases
  • Refining
  • Silicon Manufacturing

  • Gas Production
  • Nitrogen
  • Ethylene
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Gas Boost
  • Chemical Processing