Quality by Design

Sundyne is committed to continuous improvement in all of its business, engineering and manufacturing programs. Employees utilize industry standards to manage design, development, engineering, manufacturing and service programs.


  Industry standards are practiced and tightly utilized on Sundyne products and business processes. Sundyne products conform to specific standards to ensure that they meet demanding customer requirements in tough environments.  
  Sundyne invests in quality tools and processes to ensure that your product works at start-up. Learn about the quality processes that Sundyne has available to ensure products meet the standards that you expect in your factory process application.
  To continuously improve the Sundyne manufacturing facilities and processes, Sundyne utilizes a sophisticated Production Preperation Process (3P) program to simulate production lines. Learn more about the 3P process and see how Sundyne has improved manufacturing processes to get products delivered faster and with high quality.


Sundyne is committed to providing a 100% safe work environment. Sundyne Arvada, Colorado USA is an OSHA VPP Star rated site, fire and medical emergency information, personal protective equipment and procedures, material safety data sheets search.
Factory Transformation - Continuous Improvement



The Sundyne Arvada, Colorado USA factory large skid kit production area prior to the factory transformation project. The factory was set-up to produce individual pumps and small skid packages. Sundyne needed to transform the factory to produce large skid packages. Skids were moved up and down the factory for each process of assembly. The manufacturing team utilized quality tools to completely analyze the processes and space in order to convert the factory into the modern facility that it is today.   The Sundyne factory as it stands today. Sundyne completely modernized the factory to accommodate large compressor and pump skid engineering, manufacturing and testing. The work flow now starts at one end of the building with pump production and refurbishment. Next comes pump test and then large kit production. The paint booths were moved to the end of the process to put the finishing touches on products before packaging and shipment. The factory modernization project lowered delivery times, increased product quality, and is reducing costs.




If you are in the Denver, Colorado area please visit our headquarters facility for a tour. You are also welcome to visit any of the Sundyne manufacturing facilities located around the globe.